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There are those who would attempt to use magic for personal gain, to hurt another in some means - but they are simply not following the rules.A witch is a person who believes in the mother-goddess, and perhaps other deities as well.Someone who knows the meaning and purpose of an athame, who knows a good deal about herbs and their healing properties (afterall, how else do we conjure those spells everyone is so worried about)...

Those are simply terms put to use for magic, much like good and evil in christianity.Yet the definition is for what most of us are practicing.Third I really resent the whole attitude of "fuzzy wuzzy".Yet the definition is for what most of us are practicing""This is a typical response to something by most religions There is absolutely no need to get defensive, but you are only dealing with very basic White Witchcraft This type of White Witchcraft, is something usually very pleasant, and with very limited powers, and also very limited side effects To believe that "Yet the definition is for what most of us are practicing" is jumping to conclusions simply because most other forms of withcraft are ignored by those enjoying basic White Magic Your Topic was 'What is a Witch" and you gave a typical description of a typical White Witchbut ignored the huge number of other types of Witch I started to give a tiny insight into the huge number of other varities of Witches and was immediately blasted for doing so To even pretend that White Witchcraft; usually of American Indian/Celtic origin, is the beginning and end of Witchcraft is a huge mistake It is wonderful that you enjoy your style of Witchcraft It is great that you study and learn from it But do not forget that there are a vast number of other types of Witches Some of whom are extremely different Some with powers beyond belief to those involved solely in your style To investigate some of the African/Haitian/Asian/Egyptian/Aboriginee forms of Witchcraft, would open your eyes to what is actually out there Some will entrall you, some will scare you; some will make you question everything you have ever believed But to investigate them is very neccessary even to become a good White Witch Do so with an open mind You may be suprised at the results...I get so riled up about things like this on such a regular basis, but tonight is different.

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