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He also says that people are now digging down to a chamber between the paws looking for the Hall of Records predicted by Edgar Cayce..

The geological findings discussed above indicate that the Sphinx seems to have been sculpted sometime before 10,000 BC, and this period coincides with the Age of Leo the Lion, which lasted from 10,970 to 8810 BC.

Taking the year 47 BC, at which time our January 1st would have fallen on October 13, he inserted two new months of 33 and 34 days between November and December.

Then, he added an intercalary period of 23 days near February for a total length of 445 days.

The Great Sphinx marks the "Happy New Year" of our present Platonic year, and Leo was the first age in this great year.

Listen when the Vatican informs us every Christmas Eve, when it reads the ancient Calens (calendar) from Rome, that it was the sixth age or the Piscean Age when Jesus, the fisherman, was born 2,000 years ago.

Our astrologers and map makers neglected to update our present position in the cosmos for over 2,000 years.

We are not the astrological birth signs the newspapers and a majority of the astrologers proclaim we are!

When someone says, its the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, that is no different then someone saying, it is the beginning of the month of July.The descending passage of the Great Pyramid points to Thuban, the most accurately aligned pole star of all the North stars in the 25,800 (26920) -year cycle of our Earth.Comprehend that the word sphinx means to bind or close a circle tightly, and that the Great Sphinx binds Virgo and Leo in the Zodiac on the ceiling of the Portico at Esna's Khnum Temple.A new dating technique, accelerator mass spectrometry, now allows for dating of pictographs with a very small sample which has advanced the study of historical geography and occupation of the area.The rock art of the Sahara has been found to predate the pyramids by thousands of years, which argues for influences in ancient Egypt from the Sahara people.

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The names of our months still reflect March as the first month of the year.

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